When To See Serengeti Migration

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti.

Wildebeest Migration Season in Serengeti is Best Time In July To October. these months migration become concentrated at the middle part of Serengeti plain. The Great Migration is a natural phenomenon, as old as the land itself. Seasonal rainfall is the trigger that sparks the mass movement of mega herds in pursuit of the sweet, new grasses that wildebeest love. Since nature sets the schedule, planning a successful migration safari takes experience and excellent local knowledge. Around 1.5 million Serengeti wildebeests, with hundreds of thousands of zebras, and other herbivores alongside with large number hungry carnivores, leave their calving grounds in Ndutu area southern Serengeti, around March and April, heading for the next water source.

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration move from the south-central Seronera borders into the Western Strip and Grumeti River arriving during the month of April to May and stay there until the month of June, and then finally towards the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. This wildebeest migration associate with crossing the hazardous Mara River around July or August on wards with a return via the same path irrespective of massive death as they crossing the river.

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti Highlight.

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari is the term used to describe the large movements of animals ever seen in the world but mostly pronounced on the plain of Serengeti each year. The movements involve large group of wildebeest escorted with herbivores like Zebra and antelopes controlled by the pattern of rainfall which helps food availability for survival and giving birth to new young. The Serengeti Migration safari program is an ancient and best sold program that explains the unifying beauty of the Serengeti national park and expounds on the wildebeest migration as a natural occurring wonder.

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti:

  • Touring Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti is all yearly around, however there are best month while others worth! From June to October and from December to March, these are the best time to visit Tanzania for safari due to being dry.
  • But in between April, May and November land become wet due to rainfall and hence
    not recommend doing Safari.
  • In Serengeti Park June to October is when great animals Migration occur while in between January and February is best season for Calving in Ndutu Plain.

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti – River Crossing.

When Is the Time To See Serengeti Wildebeest Migration River Crossing? This is amazing incidence which occur as herd cross the Grumeti River in June to July and the Mara River between August and November, and it is at this time that some of the most spectacular photographs and video maker enjoy the movements. The opportunistic Nile crocodiles have a feast as animals touch the water seeking to cross. Whether you witness its beginnings during calving season in Ndutu, the huge river crossings on the Mara River, or the beginning of the return journey from Kenya’s Maasai Mara, you are witnessing one of the wonders of the natural world – a migration that covers a vast distance.

Wildebeest Migration Safari River Crossing Highlights.
The Mara River runs more or less along the border of Tanzania and Kenya, separating Serengeti Park from the Maasai Mara. This is where the main crossings happen in Tanzania and the majority of visitors to the Serengeti aim for the Kogatende area. Once the crossings are complete, the herd settles in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. After remaining in the more fertile Mara for the duration of the dry season, the migration heads south again in preparation for another calving season in the New Year.

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti – Calving season

Wildebeest Calving season Safari in Serengeti is a typical for Calving best time including a visit to the Ndutu Plains in south of the Serengeti National Park. Calving season marks the beginning of this movement that sees millions of animals make the difficult journey from the southern Serengeti to the distant Maasai Mara. Calving usually takes place between January and February of each year. In January the herds begin making their way to the south of the Serengeti after the rains start falling. Within a two to three week time period, over half a million wildebeest are born with as many as 8 000 wildebeest being born on the same day!

Wildebeest Calving Season Highlights
The Calving Season is best spent in the Ndutu region of the southern Serengeti, and a number of tented camps and lodges spring up each year from December through until March to accommodate the demand for a front row seat.

Each year, life begins for a large number of animals on the fertile plains surrounding Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek. On any given day, more than 10,000 wildebeest come into the world and take their first trying steps on the long road north.

Wildebeest Migration Safari accommodation Cost Overview.
For Price Cost of safari in Tanzania, accommodation is the major parts which determine the cost of safari at large extent apart from park fees. We provide vast varieties of quality Tanzania safari accommodation depending on the Pricing cost and how luxurious you need for. So the for this tours we have the following type’s accommodation to present; the Luxury and semi – luxury lodges, Standard lodges, Luxury Tented Camps and Mobile Camping. They vary in term of luxuries, and therefore cause variation of safari cost. The one located inside the park become much expensive than the one found outside the park. For luxury lodges and Permanent tented campsite, the prices become also higher than standard or camping packages. But irrespective of cost variation, they deliver perfect service to the clients for comfortable stay during safari tour in these parks Tanzania.

Time of Year.
The season of the year in your plan to visit Tanzania will also determine how Tanzania Safari Tours Prices will be during safari. Prices are highest during the high season of June to October and December – March, as there will be large number of Tourist in the park and accommodation In general. But if you’re looking to save some money on your Tanzanian safari, consider visiting in low season April May or November when the rainy season where you will stay in luxury lodges at best and affordable price.