Uganda Destinations


Uganda Destinations: Known for the mountain Gorillas: Uganda is a scenic land that exactly fits and what it is called the pearl of Africa. With lakes and gorges this land is a great African Safari Destinations. Spending time with the Gorillas in their habitats is quite rewarding.

There is a reason why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa. Mkomazi Adventures could not help noticing the thrilling Adventures in this part of Africa that are sure to add life to our clients search for adventures and curiosity. From Gorilla trekking to Queen Elizabeth to Kibale and Murchison Falls National park, your trip around Uganda Destinations are sure to leave you with the wows! Uganda Safari will infect nothing but smiles for the rest of your wonderful life and generations to come.


  • Gorilla Trekking: Uganda is globally known for its Mountain Gorillas. Gorillas are the most exciting and docile human like animals and finding them in their habitats in Biwindi or Murchison Falls National park is awe-exciting. Undoubtedly trekking Gorillas is a harder task but being photographed with them under the African bush is best rewarding.


  • Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is the most popular national park in Uganda Safari having the widest variety of wildlife. The grassland savannah, forests, wetlands and lakes make it one of the most scenic hotspot in Uganda to visit. The tree climbing lions laying on Acacia trees would captivate your mind for all times to come.

Located in western Uganda, this park is famed for its volcanic features consisting of volcanic cones and deep craters. The place is packed with astonishing wildlife attractions and cultural history, Expect to meat locals who’s dancing, music and storytelling skills are simply wow!

Meet the varieties of animals such as Elephants, buffalos, Hippos, warthogs, sitatunga antelope waterbucks, Uganda kob and Topi, not forgetting the most elusive inhabitant’s felines: lions, leopard serval and other smaller members of the cat family.


  • Murchison Falls National park: Apart from the Murchison Falls the streaming hippo and serried ranges of crocodile along the sandbanks of river Nile are the central attractions of this National park. The park has been blessed with 76 mammal species with four members of the big five, the lion, the leopards, the elephants, and the Buffaloes. A fine place to combine the nature and the adventure.
  • Kibale National park: Here you would find the most elegant tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. Famously known for Chimpanzee tracking, the park houses 70 mammal species and 375 species of birds. It is not only the scenic views or the birds and the animals rather the The Kibale-Fort Portal area is one of Uganda’s most rewarding destinations to explore. Come and try it.